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Anita Raffeiner,

should you lack of energy and zest for life, then Peru is the secret to new power to draw from everyday life.
Certainly this wonderful country is one of the hotspots at all. My enthusiasm about it I was able to bring on more than 4000 images expressed, some of which grace this inspiring website.
Who always intended to travel individually as exclusive, which should necessarily do with Alejandra & Andreas, the makers of this (dream) travel company!
If you have any questions for me, then I reply like below: fotogena(at) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it can be displayed.

Brigitte Perkhofer,

the journey through Peru - Bolivia - Chile has me totally intrigued. The management and organization by Alejandra & Andreas were perfect. We have seen with different guides from the corresponding regions very much on the nature and get lots of information from the past and present culture. Therefore, access to land and people was very easy for me. The journey has also been a large, colorful adventure. The colors of the landscapes and the vitality in the markets are unforgettable. "The Flight of the Condor" and the associated Spiritualtät the Andean peoples have not let go of me until today.
This trip I will repeat and expand at any rate with Alejandra & Andreas even further.
If you're wondering about your trip to Peru have so please write me at: atelierrosa(at) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it can be displayed.

Ewald Leitz,

Magnificent scenery, impressive heights, very nice people and a lot of culture - coupled with a perfect travel organization. This made my Peru trip an unforgettable experience. The selected hotels were very well maintained and equipped with a high level of comfort.
Peru also experience culinary, that is true to the point. Pure variety, every day a new adventure!
I can only recommend this trip.
I am happy to beanworte your questions: ewaldleitz(at)
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