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Main FAQ on Peru Travel

How to book a trip?

We recommend that you book your travel through our booking wizard on our website. You can also print out the travel form and send it to us by fax or post, or to book by phone. Within a few days we will send you a booking confirmation, travel insurance certificate and the invoice.

When should the travel be booked?

Generally, you should book at least 3 months before departure, as it can lead to bottlenecks in the flight reservation at later time points. Special offers such as the Inca Trail, require early booking. Evidence can be found in the travel components.

How and when do I pay?

After confirmation of booking, a deposit of 15% of the tour price is due, which will be deducted from the price. The balance is due 30 days prior to departure. The exact due date is the relevant booking confirmation, refer to. For bookings made less than 4 weeks prior to departure, the full price is payable immediately. Please consider the postal and transfer times. The transfer shall take place at an Austrian bank.

When the travel documents will be handed out?

With your booking confirmation you will receive first travel information for your trip preparation. We will send the final travel documents you 2-3 weeks before travel to.

Do I need a visa?

For citizens of the EU and Switzerland, up to 90 days without a visa is required for a stay. For entry to Peru a from date of entry at least 6 months valid passport is sufficient. Upon entry, an entry form must be completed (tarjeta Andina), whose breakdown is controlled on exit or entry to Ecuador or Bolivia. Keep this therefore strictly at!

Are vaccinations required?

Currently there are no vaccination requirements for Peru and Bolivia. As these, however, can change at short notice, you should inform yourself in time. A detailed list of country-specific vaccination recommendations can be found eg on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. We recommend for a trip to Peru, vaccination against hepatitis A, to draw in long-term stay for 4 weeks or special exposure and hepatitis B, rabies and typhoid considered. For traveling in the Amazon regions of a yellow fever vaccination is recommended. Please inform yourself this regard in advance of your departure, with a travel expert physician or the nearest Tropical Institute.
Standard immunizations for children and adults, such as tetanus (lockjaw), polio (poliomyelitis) and diphtheria should be up to date. Please check at least two months before your departure the efficacy of these vaccines.

Do I need additional travel insurance?

We advise every traveler to take out additional travel insurance in the form of a cancellation, luggage and travel health insurance. We offer you the opportunity to ELVIA travel insurance on our website through our partner Mondial Assistance International AG finish.

I travel with other participants in a group?

Basically, our trips are customized trips, which means that only the your registered travelers participate. However, it is possible for excursions and visits that you are in a small international group. If you do not want this and explicitly perform all integrated in the Travel points alone, we are happy to arrange this, crediting against a surcharge.

How and to what extent I am taken care of during the trip?

Make As a specialist for customized trips we your trip so that you., Without peer pressure, ie only travel with the participants booked by you, but with a hedged by us Itinerary We organize all the components described in the itinerary, such as transfers, accommodation, tours and excursions, and thus guarantee you an enjoyable trip. You are met at the airport as at the respective travel sections of our local guides in the reception and care. Our partners in Peru and we support you and provide you with advice and assistance.

In what language support is provided?

The support provided by our local guides and excursions and visits included in the tour descriptions usually done English languages. Some of our guides also speak German. If you want an exclusively German-speaking care, we can arrange this with imputation of a premium.

How much baggage can I take?

This depends on the carriage of the airline, which has been booked for you. When normally offered by us carriage by Iberia via Madrid is a free baggage allowance of 20 kg per person and one carry-on luggage of max. 10 kg allowed. When booking other airlines we are happy to inform you about the free baggage allowance.

What baggage are best?

We recommend water-and dust-resistant travel bags with wheels or backpacks, but no bulky suitcases. A smaller daypack should always be taken.

What clothing is best?

In Peru, there are three completely different climates and especially strong temperature fluctuations between day and night, you should be set. We recommend the "onion skin principle" (several lighter layers of clothing), with which you can adapt best to changing temperature and weather conditions. A fleece jacket, a Gore-Tex or Windstopper jacket and rain gear should definitely be in the luggage. Otherwise, durable clothing and sturdy footwear is recommended.

Do I need a first aid kit? What medications they should contain?

So that you are prepared for minor emergencies, it is advisable to carry a small first aid kit. Absence should personally needed no circumstances drugs. We also recommend:    1 Headache medicine    2 Medicines for stomach upset and diarrhea    3 Medicines for mild pain and fever - insect repellent, sunscreen and lip care    4 Adhesive plaster

Are drinks at the indicated meals included?

Normally, no drinks included.

Is a vegetarian catering available?

After the express wish we can arrange a vegetarian food. Please indicate this when booking.

What can I do if I lost my travel documents?

In the course of travel preparation we recommend to scan travel documents and send by e-mail attachment to their own email address. Thus, they are available in your own mailbox for retrieval. Additionally, it should be carried in the luggage definitely a copy of the documents. In case of loss, please contact us as soon as possible so that we take the necessary steps for procurement of substitute documents and can solve the problem. In case of loss of air tickets settlement by the respective airlines is dependent and can not be influenced by us.

Is there Internet access? Is using my cell phone's possible?

Internet cafes can now be found in every city and in many smaller places where you can surf for about U.S. $ 1.00 per hour and send e-mails. If you're traveling with your laptop, is only found in upscale hotels a port. However, it may be that the modem is not working, or (telephone) connector is not compatible. To use a mobile phone's in Peru, you should have a tri-band phone. You should definitely check with your service provider about the possibility of using their mobile phones in South America. We also point out that using a mobile phone is very expensive.

Can I take pictures without restriction?

In public buildings, museums and churches, photography is often not or only allowed without flash. When photographing people basically consideration should be practiced and previously asked for their consent.

Can I use the Inca Trail in the short term, possibly book locally?

The rules and regulations for the Inca Trail are very strict and the trail is limited to 500 participants every day! Therefore, you should the Inca Trail in the off season at least 2 months during the peak season (May - September), book at least 5 months prior to departure. A cancellation or postponement of the Inca Trail is not possible.

Can I use my debit and credit cards in Peru?

At ATMs with the "Maestro '" character can withdraw money with the ec-/Maestro card for a fee of approximately 4.00 to 5.00 EUR. It is advisable to withdraw dollars, since the maximum amount in Soles is low (max. 400.00 Soles per day, but 400.00 U.S. dollars!) Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express also sometimes) be of the better restaurants, hotels, shops and car rental companies accepted. The Visa card is preferred accepted.

What payment methods / currencies are recommended?

We encourage you for your trip euros or U.S. dollars bring in cash, but in no case travelers checks as these are very rarely accepted. In Peru, you can very easily (must have the Maestro sign!) Cash at ATMs with your debit card stand out. It is advisable to withdraw dollars, since the maximum amount in Soles is low (max. 400.00 Soles per day, but 400.00 U.S. dollars!). Since bills over 20 Soles are rarely accepted, you should always have plenty of change. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, sometimes even American Express) are accepted by the better restaurants, hotels, shops and car rental. The Visa card is preferred accepted.

What fees should I expect during my trip?

This is of course strongly dependent person. Not included in the tour price are drinks, not the daily schedule mentioned meals, gratuities and personal expenses. For domestic flights, and when leaving Peru by plane, the airport tax is levied. This is currently U.S. $ 6.00 for domestic and $ 31.00 for international flights. This is not included in the tour price.
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